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Comic for Sunday March 7th, 2004
Comic title: #23 Enter the Ancient's Tomb
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Posted by Oswyn Hawke on Friday, March 3rd, 2006 - 2:31 PM

Man, I still hate that guy...

8 March 2004
My nephew likes his Pokehat.
Why is Pokemon Colosseum only on the GameCube? That game looks awesome, but I would rather rip out my own spine then buy a GameCube. Luckily, my nephew has one. I will have to play it when I visit, whenever that will be.

The other day, I was sitting around remembering a particularly annoying NPC that was thrown into our party to make full numbers (six, of course - all adventuring parties have six people in them, except for older games where they have three). This NPC would hang in the back, cheering us on as we did all the work of fighting and slaying - I particularly remember the dragon, where he spent every turn - EVERY TURN - cheering, "We're doing great, come on guys! Yeah!" He never attacked, until the dragon was almost dead. Then he snuck around and backstabbed it for the kill, and stood there, shouting about how great he was. "Yeah! I'm a dragonslayer! I'm the best! Aren't you guys glad I came along?"

I hated that guy.

I am a Knight.

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