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Comic for Sunday February 19th, 2006
Comic title: #108 Fortune Favors the Bold!
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Posted by Grey Kitten on Tuesday, February 28th, 2006 - 10:22 PM

New site design!

Just finished moving everything over from ATP Autosite to CUSP. Still need to work on the templates to make it all look pretty, but now Oswyn can actually help with that much more easily. Had the fun of getting all the archived comics and titles moved over one by one, and I'm not convinced that our mindless ravings are worth the trouble to recreate, so don't hold your breath waiting for old rants.

Grandia III is my new best friend. Alfina is adorably sweet and painfully cute. It's endearing the way she apologizes for slaughtering the monsters with her powerful magic. Miranda is a total MILF - she must have been like than 6 when she had Yuki. Some people complain about the cut scenes - they're all so pretty, I can't wait for them. The battle system is a thing of beauty, as anyone will tell you, but don't listen to the children who haven't taken their riddlin saying that the cinematics are anything less than spectacular. It's like watching anime with dungeon crawling instead of commercials.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, I'm stuck on Dullahan. He's a dirty bastard. At level 50, I guess I didn't take advantage of the glorious juicy experience that Wonder Birds give enough to be ready for him. I tried the guide book's risky method of putting all the djinn on standby and tossing the big-ass summons at him, but he whips out Charon a couple of times and the party is just too weak with out there djinn set. I tried using Jenna to heal, Isaac and Felix to attack, and Mia to toss Lull every other round, but when in the off rounds Dullahan gets off that attack that drains all your djinn, it's all over. I guess I will just have to head back out and level like mad. I could just skip him and finish the freaking game, but then I wouldn't have the cool summon that lets you toss people into the sun, and where the fun in that??

Back in the world of Lunar: Dragon song, Jian is waiting for me to continue on now that he's defeated the White Dragon. Flora is getting to the point where she's almost useful to have in the party, but really, when Jian finally has magic to use, there's not much to fight that he can't one-shot everybody with his magic. Overpowered? It's tradition!

Oh, and a nice big shout out to Sluggy Freelance. If you didn't recognize the reference in today's comic, go over to Pete's site and read the entire archives.

Posted by Oswyn Hawke on Friday, March 3rd, 2006 - 1:50 PM

This is a test.

I'm a cookie.

Posted by Grey Kitten on Friday, March 3rd, 2006 - 3:43 PM


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